SNAPwidget Version 2

A year ago, I made a simple prototyping board that was primarily for the Synapse Wireless RF266 module. I had included the larger RF200 module as an after thought.

Recently, I decided to improve the design since the RF266 is now EOL.

I made the following improvements:

  1. All resistors are now 0805 instead of 0603.
  2. Both the RF266 and the RF200 footprints on it.
  3. Both modules’ pins are broken out to 0.100″ headers.
  4. You can map the USB UART to the desired module with a zero ohm resistor population option.
  5. The pcb shape is a standard Sick of Beige 100x62mm shape so you can pick up a DP10062 case from SeeedStudio if you want one.

Some of you might be interested in this as a prototyping board so I wanted to share some pictures.

 SW-V2-3D-4 SW-V2-3D-3


Sick of Beige board layouts in Altium

I am in the process of designing some new prototyping boards and I wanted to find a standard pcb size. The only thing I could find from the almighty google was the set of Sick of Beige PCB sizes. It is simply amazing what people can come up with when they want to give away knowledge for free.

Here is a image of all of the standard PCB sizes:


If you use Eagle PCB editor then you can download a library from and start using them.

If you use Altium then you are out of luck. You have to make your own.

Since the information is free, I decided to start making some board outlines in Altium.


Go ahead and download the Altium project zipfile here –> Download