Altium PCB Project Templates

I came across a very valuable Altium resource recently and I wanted to share it with you.

Petr Tosovsky put together two sample Altium PCB Project Templates. One is a two layer PCB and the second is a four layer PCB.


Here is Petr’s project summary description from his README.txt file:

= Altium PCB Project Template =

PCB Project Template is sample project template for Altium Designer with all necessary settings of source documents and settings of output generation process. It should make starting of a new project easier. Please read Terms of use at the end of this file.
The template was created and is using features of Altium Designer 13.3.
Design rules in this template are set according to Seeed Studio Fusion service, what is international and I think affordable service which I successfully used for my hobby projects. The difference of 2 layer and 4 layer board template is in the PCB file (number of layers, documentation details) and in the setup for generation output files.


The awesome thing that Petr has done is he has made his project files freely available. Here are his licensing terms:

= Terms of use =
The template is provided free of charge with no warranty or liability.
Feel free to modify the template by your own needs. I would like to encourage you to share your modifications with others.
Please let me know your feedback on this template. Any comments are welcome. You can contact me via email PetrTos (a) .

Petr Tosovsky
Altium Designer Addons page


If you are an Altium user then you are aware that Altium has a huge number of settings and configurations available. You know you will have to setup those config options everytime you start a new project. Well, you can save yourself that hassle by creating  some project templates. Once you put them into the Alitum file system hierarchy then you can start a new PCB project by simply selecting your desired project template. Poof! A miracle will occur and all those pesky config options will be setup automatically.

This is where Petr’s sample projects become super valuable. You can use them as a excellent starting point in creating your own PCB project templates for Altium.

Make sure to check out Petr’s sample Altium PCB project files today.